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FanDuel NBA Core 2-11-19

For tonight's nine-game NBA slate on FanDuel, I'll be targeting four players that are reliable, reasonably priced and have a solid upside.

Though I'm not thrilled about the -9.5 spread between Miami and Denver, I do want a late-night hammer player from this game. At 6.9k, Jamal Murray will get me the 5x or 6x performance that I'm looking for. Last week, I targeted Milwaukee's Eric Bledsoe, and his salary keeps going up. This week, Murray is still relatively cheap because he just returned from an injury. In two games back, he's posted 40 FanDuel points each time. Tonight, I'm hoping that he'll be less than 10% owned.

At the other PG slot, I'm going to roll with Houston's Chris Paul as long as he's under 8k. Tonight, I'll take him at 7.8k vs. Dallas, especially since James Harden has been dealing with a shoulder injury and probably won't take any big risks leading up to the All-Star break. I'm slightly concerned that Paul's projected ownership will rise before lock, but I'm hoping he'll be around 15% owned or less. Over the past three games, he's posted a 39, 39 and 47.

At PF, Cleveland's Larry Nance Jr. is simply too cheap at 7.1k. When he gets the minutes, he absolutely smashes, and I'll expect a 5x or 6x performance from him tonight against the Knicks. He's one of those athletic big guys with HUGE upside, and his recent numbers show that he's trending upwards in minutes. He's been consistently outperforming his projections, which is why I like him tonight.

At C, I'm rolling with Milwaukee's Brook Lopez once again. He's never going to be one of the top three highest-scoring players on the slate, but he's got legitimate 7x upside tonight at 5.4k. Like Nance, he consistently outperforms his projections. You can typically rely on a 5x performance, and he'll always be less than 10 percent owned. This play allows me to pay up elsewhere - and, if Lopez manages to get 35-40 FanDuel points, then I'll expect to finish in the top 200 of a single entry tournament.

Overall, I'm not taking big risks with tonight's FanDuel core. To be honest, though, I really like Detroit's Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin against Washington, and might play them in separate FD lineups. With a Murray-Paul-Nance-Lopez core, I still have an average of 6.6k to spend on each of the remaining slots.

Good luck!

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UPDATE: Last night, I cashed on both FanDuel and DraftKings, and five out the six players that I referenced yesterday balled out. On FanDuel, I finished 412th out of 3,968 entrants. On DraftKings, I finished 671st out of 3,600 entrants. Here's a core breakdown (FanDuel):

At 6.9k, Jamal Murray delivered a 3.4x performance at 12.6% ownership. SAD TROMBONE.

At 7.8k, Chris Paul delivered a 5.4x performance at 21.1% ownership. SOLID.

At 7.1k, Larry Nance Jr. delivered a 5.8x performance at 41.5%. IDEAL.

At 5.4k, Brook Lopez delivered a 5.3x performance at 2.9%. STRONG PLAY/LOW OWNERSHIP.


At 9.0k, Blake Griffin delivered a 5.9x performance at 36.8%. IDEAL.

At 10.6k, Andre Drummond delivered a 6.3x performance at 10.4%. IDEAL.

As mentioned yesterday, I ran a separate lineup with Detroit's Andre Drummond at C on FanDuel. I paired him with Blake Griffin, and it turned out well! (On DK, I paired them with my core.) Though I didn't get rich, my approach mostly worked, I could've had a big day if Murray would've reached value. One of these days, all four of my core plays will 6x - that's what I'm looking for.

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