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FanDuel: First Thoughts for Super Bowl Single Game GPPs

Super Bowl Sunday! If you're playing on FanDuel today, I suggest finding a single entry entry tourney rather than going for big cash in the $9.99 NFL Big Game Bowl ($1 million for first place).

This morning, I'm adjusting the settings for my LineStar app. For larger slates, I typically want to leave $100 on the table, as casual players like to maximize their salaries. As a result, my lineup then becomes more unique. For single game GPPs like today, I'm going to leave $1000 on the table.

Today, it's crucial to look for high ceiling players - those under the radar guys who can really do some damage. If you choose all the familiar names (Tom Brady, Jared Goff, etc), you're going to have the exact same lineup as other rubes. So, I may avoid QBs entirely. Since New England has re-focused their approach to emphasize the run, I'm targeting Patriots players like James White, Sony Michel and even Rex Burkhead.

When I run an early optimizer, I get Tom Brady in the MVP slot, Robert Woods, Robert Gronkowski, Brandin Cooks and James White. I like that it gives me three Patriots, as I definitely want to be heavy on those players today. And I'll probably end up going with four Pats and avoid the Rams stars completely... except for their kicker.

Later in the day, I'll look to see which players are likely to get the most targets. For now, I'm looking at four Patriots san The Goat.