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Yours Truly Movie Review - 2018 Sanjoy Nag Film

Review: Sanjoy Nag’s ‘Yours Truly’

“The 74-minute film fails to elicit any emotional depth and feels as if it’s going nowhere in no particular hurry. Even the cast’s controlled and consummate performances are unable to rescue the climax’s sustained mood.”

Maiden Review - 2018 Alex Holmes Documentary

‘Maiden’ Doc Sails Around the World with Tracy Edwards and Her Crew

“Reflecting and refracting the ongoing conversations around everything from the salary inequity between male and female soccer players to the alleged child sex trafficking hellscape perpetuated by Jeffrey Epstein, ‘Maiden’ can be read as both time capsule and time bomb.”

Carmilla Movie Review - 2019 Emily Harris Film

Edinburgh Film Festival Review: Emily Harris’ ‘Carmilla’

“‘Carmilla’ proves to be a successful adaptation that will appeal to anyone looking for some unearthly shivers, or a coming-of-age story where being conscious of one’s own sexuality takes centre stage.”

A Private War Essay - Rosamund Pike

On Performance by Q.V. Hough: Rosamund Pike in ‘A Private War’

“In ‘A Private War,’ Rosamund Pike embodies a woman under the influence, a real-life war journalist in pursuit of truth. She establishes an authentic physical interpretation — high shoulders, low vocal tone, 90-degree arm posturing —  and then improvises for a more in-depth character portrait.”

Olla Movie Review - 2019 Ariane Labed Short Film

La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs Review: Ariane Labed’s ‘Olla’

“Through sharp sound design and awkward moments of situational comedy, ‘Olla’ highlights the inner fire of a young woman; a charismatic vagabond. Like her frequent collaborator Yorgos Lanthimos, Labed uses tonally offbeat situations to hilariously explore perceptions of logical and illogical behavior.”

Bhoga Khirikee Movie Review - 2018 Jahnu Barua Film

Jahnu Barua’s ‘Bhoga Khirikee’ Peeks Into An Insurgent Assam

“There is seething, justified anger that underscores the plot of ‘Bhoga Khirikee’; an anger that could be used to create extremely radical female characters who pull the plot forward instead of becoming cardboard stand-ins for the filmmaker’s radical politics.”

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