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Collision Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2022 Netflix Movie

Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Collision’

‘Collision’ Soundtrack: A Vague Visages guide for every featured song in Fabien Martorell’s 2022 Netflix movie.

Post-9/11 Cinema Essay - Funny Games

The Only Thing Real: Meaning and Maturity in Post-9/11 Cinema

“9/11 was a psychic wound that fostered a new relation to the world, and those who grew up in its aftermath struggled to digest its lessons; some fell back onto intransigence, while others internalized the damage.”

Crimes of the Future Movie Review - 2022 David Cronenberg Film

A Sharp Scalpel: David Cronenberg Cuts ‘Crimes of the Future’

“‘Crimes of the Future’ doesn’t offer the same opportunities of mid-2000s highlights like ‘A History of Violence’ and ‘Eastern Promises,’ but Mortensen balances the ridiculous and the sublime like few others.”