Category: Drama

Hounds of Love Movie Essay - 2016 Ben Young Film

The Power of Suggestion in Ben Young’s ‘Hounds Of Love’

“‘Hounds of Love’ makes an intriguing case for suggestion in place of an all-out, sensationalized show.”

Amar Review Movie Film

Review: Esteban Crespo’s ‘Amar’

“‘Amar’ is passionate without being pretentious.”

Le Bonheur Movie Essay - 1965 Agnès Varda Film

The Cold Light of Day: On Agnès Varda’s ‘Le Bonheur’

“Nothing in ‘Le Bonheur’ produces lasting unhappiness, and to approach it in a spirit of contemplation, rather than one of judgment, may allow the movie its most favorable terms of engagement.”

La Pointe Courte Movie Essay - 1955 Agnès Varda Film

The Anti-Romance of Agnès Varda’s ‘La Pointe Courte’

“The married couple’s conversation in ‘La Pointe Courte’ is a spellbinding predecessor to Richard Linklater’s ‘Before Trilogy’ and further proof that no great film needs ‘action’ to be great.”

Lola Movie Essay - 1961 Jacques Demy Film

Vague Visages Is FilmStruck: Jacques Demy’s ‘Lola’

“Like his characters, Demy’s camera in ‘Lola’ moves everywhere but goes nowhere; it’s a paradoxically headlong hesitation.”

I Am Cuba Movie Essay - 1964 Mikhail Kalatozov Film (Soy Cuba)

Vague Visages Is FilmStruck: Mikhail Kalatozov’s ‘I Am Cuba’

“‘I Am Cuba’ is more than a picturesque travelogue. It is a pulsating ethnographic profile, an excavation of sorts, uncovering and unleashing its discoveries with a sweeping scope.”

American Mary Movie Essay - 2012 Film by Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska

A Woman’s Touch: The Trinity of the Body in ‘American Mary’

“With ‘American Mary,’ the Soska sisters tell a story that deserves a place alongside the likes of ‘I Spit on Your Grave’ and ‘Hostel’ in its bold but nuanced steps that push forward the genre entire.”

Arrival Movie Essay - 2016 Denis Villeneuve Film

Casting a Spell for Peace: On ‘Arrival,’ Max Richter and Our Unending Need for Violence

“It’s in Louise’s absolute refusal to allow our barbaric side to win that ‘Arrival’ shows its moral core.”

Arrival Movie Essay - 2016 Denis Villeneuve Film

‘Arrival’ and the Perils of Science Fiction

“What is awkward about these ‘Arrival’ reviews is how they oppose the film’s best qualities to its generic roots.”

In Vanda's Room Movie Essay - 2000 Pedro Costa Film

Vague Visages Is FilmStruck: Pedro Costa’s ‘In Vanda’s Room’

“Whatever its genus, ‘In Vanda’s Room’ is one harrowing motion picture… It is also one of the best films from the past 20 years.”

Baby Doll Movie Essay - 1956 Elia Kazan Film

Of Love and Other Demons: ‘Baby Doll’ Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary

A Column on Love and Erotica in Cinema by Justine A. Smith

Fear and Desire Movie Essay - 1953 Stanley Kubrick Film

Vague Visages Is FilmStruck: Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Fear and Desire’

“‘Fear and Desire’ is more than just a curio for the Kubrick completist. It is indeed a genuinely revealing work.”

Le Samourai Movie Movie Essay - 1967 Jean-Pierre Melville Film

Vague Visages Is FilmStruck: Jean-Pierre Melville’s ‘Le Samouraï’

“Jean-Pierre Melville’s ‘Le Samourai’ is the definition of cinematic precision. Each shot, each cut, each movement is a slice of redolent, provocative and sometimes even banal accuracy.”

Manchester by the Sea Movie Review - 2016 Kenneth Lonergan Film

Los Cabos IFF Review: Kenneth Lonergan’s ‘Manchester by the Sea’

“‘Manchester by the Sea’ will make your dad cry by showing him how he deals with emotions and the instructional framework through which he learned how to deal with emotions.”

House by the River Movie Essay - 1950 Fritz Lang Film

Of Love and Other Demons: ‘House by the River’

“While Lang never fully embraced socialist principles over the course of his career, he always seemed to have a violent distaste for the men who stood on the shoulders of those who were less fortunate, knowing full well that social class does not correlate a strong moral conscious.”

The Woman in the Window Movie Film

Of Love and Other Demons: ‘The Woman in the Window’ (Fritz Lang, 1944)

“The film has an unusually conservative vibe for a noir, maintaining that the status quo may be boring but criminality has nothing to offer — not even carnal thrills.”

Dekalog Movie Essay - 1989 Krzysztof Kieslowski TV Miniseries Film

Krzysztof Kieślowski’s ‘Dekalog’: Putting Faith in the Everyday

“Identity, like meaning in ‘Dekalog,’ is delivered piecemeal. Do immediate deeds define a person, or are these characters more than what they do in any given episode?”

In the Mouth of Madness Essay - 1994 John Carpenter Film

Of Love and Other Demons: ‘In the Mouth of Madness’ (John Carpenter, 1994)

“In John Carpenter’s ‘In the Mouth of Madness,’ the delicate reality in which we live exists only as far we as believe it.”

Destiny Movie Essay - 1921 Fritz Lang Film (Der müde Tod)

Love and Death: The Romantic Sorrow of Fritz Lang’s ‘Destiny’

“‘Destiny’ arrives at its final satisfying destination as a poetic and deeply affecting film, an ethereal meditation from a now legendary filmmaker…”

American Gigolo Movie Essay - 1980 Paul Schrader Film

Of Love and Other Demons: ‘American Gigolo’ (Paul Schrader, 1980)

“‘American Gigolo’ doesn’t necessarily work as a neo-noir, but it still has enough romance and intrigue to be well worth watching.”