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Red Rocket Movie Review - 2021 Sean Baker Film

Sean Baker’s ‘Red Rocket’ Is Go for Launch

“Baker’s appreciation for even the smallest roles is a chief delight of ‘Red Rocket.'”

Orange County Movie Essay - 2002 Jake Kasdan Film

Hey, Don’t Write Yourself Off Yet: ‘Orange County’ At 20

“‘Orange County’ is inarguably a product of its time, but the movie is also timeless in its exploration of how writing requires us to look inward as well as outward — and be just as merciless in the process.”

Petite Maman Movie Review - 2021 Céline Sciamma Film

Céline Sciamma Finds Magic in ‘Petite Maman’

“Sciamma’s handling of the interactions between the kids is as confident and as beautifully realized as the depiction of relationships in ‘Water Lilies,’ ‘Tomboy’ and ‘Girlhood.'”