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Drive My Car Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2021 Movie

Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Drive My Car’

‘Drive My Car’ Soundtrack: A Vague Visages guide for every featured song in Ryûsuke Hamaguchi’s 2021 movie.

Nitram Movie Review - 2021 Justin Kurzel Film

Glasgow Film Festival Review: Justin Kurzel’s ‘Nitram’

“In ‘Nitram,’ even the simplest domestic scenes inside the Bryant family home seem to have had the light and life sucked from them. And even in the film’s gentlest moments, Kurzel never lets the audience forget the film’s hopeless destination.”

The Long Walk Movie Review - 2019 Mattie Do Film

Review: Mattie Do’s ‘The Long Walk’

“‘The Long Walk,’ the latest from Mattie Do — Laos’ first and, so far, only female director — understands that for time travel to make sense, all one has to do is present it as is. For Do, it’s a feeling more than a fact.”