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Slow Horses Soundtrack - Every Song in the Apple TV+ Series

Soundtracks of Television: ‘Slow Horses’

‘Slow Horses’ Soundtrack: A Vague Visages guide for every featured song in Will Smith’s Apple TV+ series.

Phantom Thread Movie Essay - 2017 Paul Thomas Anderson Film

On Power and Pleasure in Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Phantom Thread’

“‘Phantom Thread’ is for anyone who has ever been hungry, for anyone who has ever been in love. Most of all, it’s for those people who know that love and hunger are, at their most acutely expressed, one and the same.”

Too Old to Die Young Essay - 2019 Amazon Series by Nicolas Winding Refn and Ed Brubaker

Numbness and Arousal in the Post-Postmodern Apocalypse of ‘Too Old to Die Young’

“Taken as a whole, ‘Too Old to Die Young’ is a summative statement on genre, aesthetics and the crumbling American psyche, delivered with a fury sublimated in neon glow. It is a major work of art.”