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Abel Ferrara Exile Cycle Movie Essay - Siberia Film

Recovery, Survival and Extinction: Abel Ferrara’s Exile Cycle

“Few artists have dreamt more boldly and defiantly in their exile than Ferrara; he has faced up to the dark towers of commerce and coercion, the systemic violence that is rationalized and sanctioned to peak efficiency by the prevailing conditions.”

2012 Cinema Essay - Fallen Idols and False Prophets in Post-Crash America (Killing Them Softly)

The World Is Cold: Fallen Idols and False Prophets in Post-Crash America

“The year 2012 was the first in which cinema could adequately assess the material and psychological toll of the crash. The box office tells its own story: audiences were looking for saviors…”

The Northman Movie Review - 2022 Robert Eggers Film

Robert Eggers Goes Berserk with Viking Tale ‘The Northman’

“The Northman’s carefully choreographed, single-shot takes and startlingly lit close-ups blow the spatially disorienting and over-edited style of so many contemporary action films completely out of the fjord.”