Category: 2019 Film Reviews

Atlantics 2019 Movie - Film Review

Review: Mati Diop’s ‘Atlantics’

“Diop’s feature debut is one that embraces the strange, joyous and tender moments that extend beyond boundaries and linear temporalities. Neither love nor life moves in a straight line.”

She's Missing 2019 Movie - Film Review

Review: Alexandra McGuinness’ ‘She’s Missing’

“More mood piece than cohesive story, it’s impressive chiefly in how McGuinness mirrors the desolate bleakness of the protagonists’ lives with the parched cinematography of their surrounding landscape.”

Little Women 2019 Movie - Film Review

Review: Greta Gerwig’s ‘Little Women’

“Greta Gerwig continues to exercise her command of cinematic storytelling with ‘Little Women,’ a perfectly wrapped and beribboned Christmas gift as welcome as a steaming cup of cocoa after a frosty skate around the local frozen pond.”

Brotherhood 2018 Movie - Short Film Review

Review: Meryam Joobeur’s ‘Brotherhood’

“A sharply-shot film, ‘Brotherhood’ effectively uses the short running time to question familial responsibilities/motives, and the central performances make Joobeur’s planned feature adaptation even more intriguing.”

Alva 2019 Movie - Film Review

Review: Ico Costa’s ‘Alva’

“A showcase of the potent purity of visual expression, ‘Alva’ concerns itself with consequence, more specifically the consequences we attribute to ourselves, as well as those we put upon others we can never truly know.”

Richard Jewell 2019 Movie - Film Review

Review: Clint Eastwood’s ‘Richard Jewell’

“‘Richard Jewell’ is, for the most part, a captivating recreation of a man’s journey through hell and back. Its strong acting and character relationship dynamics are the main selling points, as Eastwood’s sense of direction and pacing are the best they have been in a long time.”

Black Christmas 2019 Movie - Film Review

Review: Sophia Takal’s ‘Black Christmas’

“Playing with of-the-moment vocabulary familiar on college campuses, the latest ‘Black Christmas’ upends several slasher conventions, even if the film is a step down from the director’s excellent ‘Always Shine.'”

QT8: The First Eight 2019 Documentary - Film Review

‘QT8: The First Eight’ Is a Fun Yet Lacking Look at Quentin Tarantino’s Movies

“‘QT8: The First Eight’ is a serviceable, well-edited survey of Tarantino’s filmography prior to ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.'”

Citizen K 2019 Documentary - Film Review

Review: Alex Gibney’s ‘Citizen K’

“There’s no telling the story of Khodorkovsky without telling the story of Russia, and it’s for that reason that ‘Citizen K’ is rather invaluable to people like this writer, Americans of a certain age who perhaps aren’t well versed in Russian history.”

The Nightingale Movie Review - 2018 Jennifer Kent Film

Jennifer Kent Sings a Bloody Song in ‘The Nightingale’

“Jennifer Kent’s ‘The Nightingale’ will not attract the same cult following or breadth of widespread fan devotion as ‘The Babadook,’ but her latest marks significant progress in the filmmaker’s command of story and cinematic language.”

Daniel Isn't Real 2019 Movie - Film Review

Review: Adam Egypt Mortimer’s ‘Daniel Isn’t Real’

“With ‘Daniel Isn’t Real,’ Mortimer stands by his choices and doesn’t wobble. The result is a film that’s harmonious and undiluted, if prickly and divisive.”

Queen and Slim 2019 Movie - Film Review

Love on the Run: Melina Matsoukas Makes Convincing Debut with ‘Queen & Slim’

“The desperate need to locate hope and light (and maybe even love where those things are in short supply) recommends ‘Queen & Slim,’ especially at a time of frustration and division.”

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 2019 Movie - Film Review

Review: Marielle Heller’s ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’

“Who is going to argue with the casting of Tom Hanks? Even so, the reason I don’t care for most fictionalized biopics lies in the imitation of one well-known person by another.”

Dark Waters 2019 Movie - Film Review

Review: Todd Haynes’ ‘Dark Waters’

“‘Dark Waters’ may have a downbeat climax, to the degree that may not be considered a climax at all, yet it’s a film made to inspire action, to underline the idea that this crisis is a modern one — it’s still happening, and it’s not resolved.”

Parasite Movie - Film Essay

Bong Joon-Ho’s ‘Parasite’ Infiltrates Year-End Best Movies Lists

“Like the Master of Suspense before him, Bong effortlessly blends the horrific and the comic en route to the icebox talk that has viewers questioning their own attitudes and beliefs through the unanswered mysteries of the story.”

Los Ultimos Frikis Documentary Review - 2019 Film

Review: Nicholas Brennan’s ‘Los Últimos Frikis’

“Nicholas Brennan’s film makes a hugely convincing argument for following your dreams at all costs.”

Doctor Sleep 2019 Movie - Film Review

Review: Mike Flanagan’s ‘Doctor Sleep’

“In a weird way, Flanagan might have inadvertently made the best X-Men movie to date.”

Just Don't Think I'll Scream Documentary

Photographic Memory in Frank Beauvais’ ‘Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream’

“Beauvais does what the essay filmmaker ought do: he appropriates film to his own ends. The combination of words and pictures rings nary a false note.”

Marriage Story 2019 Netflix Movie - Film Review

Review: Noah Baumbach’s ‘Marriage Story’

“At once riveting and entertaining, while inciting in the viewer visceral and arduous self-reflection, ‘Marriage Story’ is an uncompromising and deeply affectionate reflection on what pulls us apart and yet what keeps us bound together despite it all.”

The Lighthouse 2019 Movie - Film Essay

Robert Eggers Unlocks ‘The Lighthouse’

“‘The Witch’ may be the superior film, but ‘The Lighthouse’ shows Eggers growing by leaps and bounds as a storyteller and visual stylist.”