Review: Nicholas Brennan’s ‘Los Ultimos Frikis’

22 hours ago
Joey Keogh

"Nicholas Brennan's film makes a hugely convincing argument for following your dreams at all costs."

Sharing the Cinematic Bathwater: From Wim to Jim

"In retrospect, a film can seem so intentional, with every artistic choice so deliberate, that you can’t imagine it being…

2 days ago

12 Angry Films: Sidney Lumet on Justice #5 – ‘Dog Day Afternoon’

"By creating such a sympathetic, human subject, Lumet deepens the impact of his institutional critique of the justice system; its…

3 days ago

Photo Essay by Andy Witchger: Kindness at Minneapolis’ 7th Street Entry

“Bainbridge navigated the stage gracefully, curating what felt like an intimate house party with an impeccable playlist.”

3 days ago

Review: Mike Flanagan’s ‘Doctor Sleep’

"In a weird way, Flanagan might have inadvertently made the best X-Men movie to date."

3 days ago

Photographic Memory in Frank Beauvais’ ‘Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream’

"Beauvais does what the essay filmmaker ought do: he appropriates film to his own ends. The combination of words and…

4 days ago

Review: Noah Baumbach’s ‘Marriage Story’

"At once riveting and entertaining, while inciting in the viewer visceral and arduous self-reflection, 'Marriage Story' is an uncompromising and…

7 days ago

The Absent Presence in ‘Klute’

"In dramatizing themes of absence and presence so thoroughly, 'Klute' embodies a central feature of neo-noir; as a self-conscious revision…

7 days ago

I Sing for Myself: Renée and Judy on Judy Garland

"Judy the Actress and Judy the Icon may have been one in the same after all."

1 week ago

Robert Eggers Unlocks ‘The Lighthouse’

"'The Witch' may be the superior film, but 'The Lighthouse' shows Eggers growing by leaps and bounds as a storyteller…

1 week ago