Know the Cast: ‘First Kill’

The First Kill cast features Sarah Catherine Hook, Imani Lewis and Elizabeth Mitchell. This info article contains minor spoilers for Victoria Schwab’s Netflix series. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

First Kill follows a teenage vampire from Savannah, Georgia who prepares to turn a human for the first time. Juliette Fairmont strategizes against a classmate but then develops romantic feelings for her. The storyline explores the friction between a family of vampires and an organization of human slayers. Here’s every main performer and character in First Kill, an adaptation of V. E. Schwab’s short story.

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First Kill Cast: Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette Fairmont

Character Profile: A teenage vampire. She is a member of the “Legacies” who prepares to kill her first human. Juliette rejects familial traditions and bonds with her female love interest.

Hook’s Resume: Meghan Gale in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2019), Elena Milak in Monsterland (2020), Rikki in NOS4A2 (2020), Debbie Glatzel in The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021), Catherine Allday Davis in American Crime Story (2021)

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First Kill Cast: Imani Lewis as Calliope Burns

Character Profile: Juliette’s human classmate and love interest. She is a member of the Guild with huge potential as a vampire slayer. Cal and Juliette bond while dealing with pressure to perform from family members.

Lewis’ Resume: Aniyah in Eighth Grade (2018), Charmaine in Hightown (2020-21), Elaine in The Forty-Year-Old Version (2020), Kisha Griffin in The Equalizer (2021-), Babs in Shoplifters of the World (2021)

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First Kill Cast: Elizabeth Mitchell as Margot

Character Profile: Juliette’s mother. In the past, she ran away from her family after falling in love with a human. Margot’s mother hopes to bond Juliette with the Emerald Malkida Serpent, like Lilith the First Keeper in the Garden of Eden.

Mitchell’s Resume: Julia Sullivan in Frequency (2000), Juliet Burke in Lost (2006-10), Senator Charlie Roan in The Purge: Election Year (2016), Anna Volovodov in The Expanse (2018-21), Carla Limbrey in Outer Banks (2021)

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First Kill Cast: Aubin Wise as Talia

Character Profile: Cal’s mother. She worries about putting too much pressure on her daughter. Talia clashes with Juliette’s brother and grandmother.

Wise’s Resume: Jayde in Atlanta (2016), Serena Kendrick-Archer in The Finest (2018), Vera in Dimland (2021)

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First Kill Cast: Gracie Dzienny as Elinor

Character Profile: Juliette’s sister. She is an easy-going vampire who offers advice to her sister. Elinor is loyal to family traditions.

Dzienny’s Resume: Amanda McKay in Supah Ninjas (2011-13), Greer Danville in Chasing Life (2014-15), Clementine Lewis in Zoo (2016-17), Tina in Bumblebee (2018), Ruby Red in Jupiter’s Legacy (2021)

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First Kill Cast: Dominic Goodman as Apollo

Character Profile: Cal’s brother. He got his first vampire kill at age 14. Cal’s family members warn him about being too cocky.

Goodman’s Resume: Jerome in White Devil (2017), Frat Bro in Euphoria (2019), Jordan Friend Track in He’s All That (2021), Hopkins in Young Rock (2021), Mark in Animal Kingdom (2021)

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First Kill Cast: Phillip Mullings, Jr. as Theo

Character Profile: Cal’s brother. He’s a 23-year-old vampire hunter and Below Deck fan. Theo learns that Juliette’s brother is bound to a witch.

Mullings, Jr.’s Resume: Patrick Lorraine in American Soul (2019), Ricky in David Makes Man (2019), George Wickham in Pride & Prejudice: Atlanta (2019), Mike Alexander in Bruh (2020-), Ikrimah in Chad (2021)

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First Kill Cast: Jason R. Moore as Jack

Character Profile: Cal’s father. He is a “Blade” who serves the Guild. Jack believes that Cal is destined to become a legendary vampire slayer.

Moore’s Resume: Subway Mugger in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010), Detective Ericson in Killjoy Goes to Hell (2012), Maurice Avery in A Loss of Shadows (2017), Curtis Hoyle in The Punisher (2017-19), David Pell in The Chain (2021)

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The First Kill  cast also includes Will Swenson (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Hit & Run), Jonas Dylan Allen (TV debut), Dylan McNamara (L.A.’s Finest, Euphoria), Mk Xyz (Intentions) and Gail Soltys (Talia in the Kitchen, Dream Killer).

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.