Know the Cast: ‘Forever Rich’

Forever Rich Cast - Every Main Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie

The Forever Rich cast includes Jonas Smulders, Daniël Kolf and Sinem Kavus. This info article contains minor spoilers for Shady El-Hamus’ 2021 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

Forever Rich explores the trials and tribulations of a Dutch rapper. The titular protagonist earns a record deal with Sony but then gets shamed on social media after a late-night robbery. Richie spirals out of control while pursuing his enemy, “White Mask,” yet still recognizes an opportunity to fix his damaged reputation. See below for a breakdown of the main performers and characters in Forever Rich.

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Forever Rich Cast: Jonas Smulders as Richie

Forever Rich Cast - Jonas Smulders as Richie

Character Profile: An up-and-coming hip-hop artist who is about to sign a multi-million record deal. He gets robbed by a man wearing a white mask who brags on social media. Richie seeks revenge after an explicit phone video is leaked online.

Smulders’ Resume: Michel in The Dinner (2013), Tomas in Geen Koningen in ons Bloed (2015), Lukas in Broers (2017), Kenneth in Hollands Hoop (2017-20), Hans van der Meer in Doodstil (2020-)

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Forever Rich Cast: Daniël Kolf as Tony

Forever Rich Cast - Daniël Kolf as Tony

Character Profile: Richie’s tour manager and right-hand man. He inadvertently fuels the drama with “White Mask.” Tony, or “Toon,” looks after Richie but doesn’t agree with many of his career decisions.

Kolf’s Resume: Daryl in Lieve Mama (2020), Ishan in Edelfigurant (2020-), Roy in I Don’t Wanna Dance (2021), Winston in Koeriers (2021), Lennart in Follow de SOA (2021)

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Forever Rich Cast: Sinem Kavus as Anna

Forever Rich Cast - Sinem Kavus as Anna

Character Profile: Richie’s girlfriend and the mother of his child. She gets angry after being publicly disrespected. Anna states that she didn’t actually want to raise a kid with Richie.

Kavus’ Resume: Aysun in Flikken Maastricht (2017), Leyla Demir in High Flyers (2020), Narin in Alles van Waarde (2021)

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Forever Rich Cast: Hadewych Minis as Els

Forever Rich Cast - Hadewych Minis as Els

Character Profile: Richie’s mother. She takes advantage of his lifestyle. Els enables her unpredictable son.

Minis’ Resume: Marina in Borgman (2013), Rachel Hazes in Bloed, Zweet & Tranen (2015), Tatjana in Toni Erdmann (2016), Eta Harich-Schneider in Tokyo Trial (2016), Jeanine Maes in The Spectacular (2021)

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Forever Rich Cast: Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing as Jessica

Forever Rich Cast - Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing as Jessica

Character Profile: Richie’s agent. She arranges for a recording contract with Sony. Jessica has an intimate bond with Richie.

Wong-Loi-Sing’s Resume: Mini-Mini in The Price of Sugar (2013), Nanda in The Paradise Suite (2015), Simone Smith in Hunter Street (2017-18), Nicole in Het A-woord (2020), Stevie Solomon in Really Love (2020)

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Forever Rich Cast: Mustafa Duygulu as Abdel

Forever Rich Cast - Mustafa Duygulu as Abdel

Character Profile: Richie’s good friend and enforcer. He is a former soldier who apparently killed several terrorists. Abdel, or “Abbie,” gets stabbed during a confrontation involving Richie.

Duygulu’s Resume: Sam in Hoe overleef ik? (2012), Altan Cetin in Celblok H (2014-17), Sharif Taheri in The Neighbors (2018), Joost in Commandos (2020), Dokter Winsenius in De K van Karlijn (2021)

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Forever Rich Cast: Sergio Fontana as White Mask

Forever Rich Cast - Sergio Fontana as White Mask

Character Profile: A mask-wearing man who steals an expensive watch from Richie. He brags on social media and threatens violence. White Mask gets exposed and taunted by Richie, resulting in a violent confrontation.

Fontana’s Resume: Sam in Maud & Babs (2021)

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The Forever Rich cast also includes Yassin Dardour (Mocro Maffia), Matteo van der Grijn (Tiramisu, Tribes of Europa), Simon van Lammeren (ID: A, Voetbalmaffia), Zoë Love Smith (Skam NL) and Richelle Plantinga (Zomer in Zeeland, Lieve Mama).

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