Why FOX’s ‘American Idol’ Keeps Me Watching


It’s been a couple years since I paid close attention to FOX’s American Idol but not because I don’t like the show. While many often use social media to express their disdain every January during premiere week, I’ve always maintained that beyond the goofy auditions and attention-seekers, there are multi-talented artists who genuinely deserve a chance to shine.

After I watched the season premiere last week, I was surprised to find out that American Idol has shifted their focus to the best auditions rather than the brutal ones. Perhaps this has been going on the last couple years, but it takes the novelty out of the equation (for the most part) and gives off the impression to viewers that American Idol is serious about finding the next great talent.

If you didn’t see last night’s episode, a 22-year old named “Hollywood” Anderson played an original song and killed it across the board. His reaction to the judges’ comments is why I keep watching American Idol. What a moment.


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