Recap: Gracepoint ‘Episode 7’


The seventh episode of FOX’s Gracepoint received its first rise in viewership since the October 2nd debut, and director Ali Selim opened the action of the appropriately titled “Episode 8” with a rising camera; an investigation of the case files and docks of the coastal California town. With the prime suspect taking his own life due to a collective (and unwarranted) town shaming, new suspects arose while another boy disappeared.

Visually stunning as always, “Episode 7” of Gracepoint focused on shattering psyches. Renee Clemons (Jessica Lucas) split town after a betrayal of Owen Burke (Kevin Zegers) and a smear campaign that led Jack Reinhold (Nick Nolte) to descent slowly (and heavily) into the darkness of the night waves. Meanwhile, the arrival of Julianne Carver (Chloe Babcock), daughter of Detective Carver (David Tennant), reminded that Gracepoint’s lead investigator may not even live to capture the killer of Danny Solano. With only a few stable minds left to look at the facts objectively, the son of Detective Miller (Anna Gunn) went missing, thus leading to a rather confrontational investigation of a frazzled hitchhiker (Brendan Fletcher).


Ranking #1 on my Creep List is Susan Wright (Jacki Weaver), who I think is the most obvious suspect given that she says things like, “I know men who can rape you.” Not far behind Wright is Father Paul Coates (Kevin Rankin); a man that went out of his way to praise the efforts of Mark Solano and found the bicycle of Tom Miller (Jack Irvine). Who arranged the community search? Could the bike serve as a red herring? My guess is that Father Coates will be investigated and cleared in “Episode 8,” Susan Wright will also be cleared by “Episode 9,” which will ultimately lead to the unveiling of Gracepoint’s killer in the finale. But who?


With that being said, I’m unsure where Gracepoint is going with the Detective Carver storyline. He’s clearly unwell, emotionally and physically, but how will he manage to solve the case? Carver is the work-obsessed outsider; the man who pushes everybody away. In the end, he’ll likely win the hearts of the locals, although I’m not convinced that he’ll experience a reawakening like Matthew McConaughey’s Rust Cohle from True Detective.

Somehow Dean Iverson (Kendrick Sampson) and Chloe Solano (Madalyn Horcher) remain suspicious. Perhaps Danny witnessed something that he wasn’t supposed to see, thus leading someone close to make a brash decision.

Gracepoint continues to maintain a high level of suspense, but I’d like to see a few issues resolved this week. Renee Clemons just split? If that’s the case, I’m disappointed that Jessica Lucas wasn’t used more efficiently on the show. OR….perhaps there is more to Mr. Burke than small town reporting and hair gel.

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