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Classic Hollywood movies often inspire great fashion, and Marilyn Monroe is one of my all time favorite style icons of the golden era. Personally, I enjoy taking something I believe to be”striking and classic” and then decipher if it is the color or shape. After deciding which it is, I then focus on what I can do with that and pick simple, everyday practical uses (“now”) of that focus. The file focus for November 2014 is soft green — technically called phthalo green (Phthalocyanine Green) — a high intensity color quite striking on screen, as seen on Marilyn in the picture above.

Click HERE for the full definition of Phthalo Green.

I would mix this beautiful shade with deep blues and gold accessories with emerald green, as seen in Marilyn’s necklace and earrings.

Here are some possible makeup looks inspired from Marilyn Monroe’s accessories and to be worn with phthalo green clothing pieces:

  • Wine toned Lipstick: a deeper and more cooler red instead of the classic red she’s wearing; the rest of the face neutral
  • Winged eyeliner in dark blue instead of black; the rest of the face neutral.
  • Classic black winged liner with phthalo green on the bottom as an accent to keep the rest of the face neutral

Remember with clothes and makeup, it’s all about balance. I really love having unexpected accessories without overdoing it too much. It’s the same with makeup: focus on either the lips or the eyes, keeping the rest of the face neutral for everyday wear. Keep it fun but not too overdone. Too much color or shapes can be overwhelming, so pick one focus and use your own style to pick things you like.

There are subtle ways of incorporating colors and shapes into your wardrobe and makeup according to event. If you are going for a casual, semi-formal, formal or workwear look, stay posted here for How-Tos.

Send me your style questions and I will write and give personalized advice on fashion/makeup and how to incorporate star hairstyles into your look. Please include hair type, texture and a picture, if possible.

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