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Live Blog: Jim Carrey Hosts NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’


NBC’s Saturday Night Live is back after two weeks with Iggy Azalea as Musical Guest and Jim Carrey as Host. Although he missed the cold intro, Q.V. Hough (@quinnhough) will be live-blogging the action!

10:36 CST Red-horned Elvis! Yes. This should be good.

10:37 CST Uh-oh, “Helvis?” The Halloween episode will either be brilliant or devastatingly brutal.

10:38 CST Carrey channeling Andy Kaufman right now and I’m loving it.

10:40 CST College students be like, “HUH?!”

10:41 CST Oh, hell yes. “Matthew McConaughey for Lincoln.” Carrey’s facial expression is better than the actual impression.

10: 45 CST “Carrey Family Reunion” – not sure about the female comedian opening this skit. Same schtick. Ok, here’s Taran Killam with an outstanding impression. Great voice!

10:48 CST Ok, so now it’s just a bad party featuring Jim Carrey jokes.

10:49 CST Brutal “Cable Guy” impression from Jay Pharaoh. He sounded like…well, it wasn’t good.

10:40 CST Will it be throwback comedy hour or will Jim Carry produce some fresh laughs?

10:51 CST More McConaughey skits? Ehh…not feeling it. Everybody does a McConaughey impression and Carrey’s is just so-so.

10:52 CST Chris Rock and Prince next week?! Aww shit. Yes. That’s what I’m talking about.

10:56 CST Hey, it’s Pete Davidson, the apparent heir to the SNL Throne. He’s had a few moments this season, but nothing special.

10:57 CST So, is this “Paul and Phil” skit a bit similar to “The DeMarco Brothers” skit featuring Jimmy Fallon and Chris Parnell?

11:00 CST 30 minutes and three short McConaughey skits. C’mon SNL, writers. .

11:00 CST So, Izzy Agalea sings that song? Still not sure what she does.

11:03 CST I hate to be “that guy”about SNL lip-sync performances, but isn’t this an obvious recording of a live vocal?

11:05 CST Well, she had her chance.

11:05 CST Rita Ora with some fresh vocals?

11:06 CST Lip synching. Same ol’ strange pop dancers. How about some rock?

11:09 CST Allison Williams from HBO’s Girls on an NBC Peter Pan special? I wonder how that happened?! (snicker)

11:10 CST Weekend Update: Yeah, New York City has ALL the diseases. Must have been written by a Brooklyn hipster.

11:11 CST Oh, you crazy, SNL! Black people, Halloween and Ebola jokes? Well done! :/

11:12 CST Ah, a comedy bit on Selfie and A to Z. I’m totally not going to take a piss right now.

11:13 CST Why isn’t Jim Carrey taking over Weekend Update?

11:16 CST Brett Favre man-to-man penis joke because he often did that?

11:16 CST A “Yer Momma” joke — the writing keeps getting better.

11:18 CST Well, the show is halfway over and I’m not feeling this, despite being a life-long follower of Saturday Night Live since the late 80s. Maybe next week, SNL? Yikes.

11:20 CST Adios!



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