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College Football Live Blog: No. 5 Notre Dame at No. 2 Florida State


The Jameis Winston saga continues tonight as the Florida State Seminoles (6-0) attempt to regain their No. 1 ranking against the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame (6-0). Winston, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, has experienced his share of controversy in recent months and was cleared, temporarily, this morning by athletic director Stan Wilcox in regard to receiving payment for autographs. We’ll be covering the action tonight beginning at 8/7c.

7:05 CST Here we go! I am Q.V. Hough (@quinnhough) and my official prediction is Notre Dame 38 Florida State 35. Yes, I’d like to see the Seminoles lose and I think they will. Winston has game though! Unfortunately, he has little maturity.

7:09 CST It’s going to be a lot of fun reading comments on this game tonight. #JameisWinston

7:14 CST Everett Goston looking calm and composed in the locker room. Danny Kannell looking calm and composed in his 60s-style sports jacket and tie.

7:17 CST Maroon 5 “It Was Always You” music video?!?!

7:18 CST That song made me feel like I’ve had 7-8 beers.

7:22 CST I don’t expect Jimbo Fisher to say anything bad about Winston, but he’s made several ridiculous comments on the radio this week. Keep that cash rolling in!

7:25 CST 16-1 record for Everett Golson as a starter? DAYUM!

7:26 CST Golson goes deep on first play. Love it!

7:28 CST Three and out. Deep pass and then a one yard pass.

7:29 CST Whew. Seminole back was close to busting loose.

7:29 CST Lots of pressure on Winston. That was an “oh shit!!!” pass.

7:35 CST Florida State DC Charles Kelley is like, “Winston. Winston. Winston. Do your thing, boys. Let’s throw some D on ’em.”

7:36 CST Strange floaters from both quarterbacks so far. Fire that pigskin.

7:39 CST Notre Dame D getting it done. The window is open, Golson. Let’s see a couple 15-yard tosses. Pick them apart.

7:45 CST Notre Dame pounding away with the run!

7:47 CST I like the quick slants from Golson. Slant-run, slant-run.

7:49 CST Pass interference but it’s only a matter of time until Golson gets picked. Zip it, friend.

7:53 CST Solid 84-yard touchdown drive. I’m just worried about Golson’s passing. Roll tide.

7:58 CST Seminoles rollin’. Winston looking composed after that Irish score. Not a fan but will give him credit countering back quickly.

8::00 CST Touchdown Florida State! Way to telegraph that pass, Winston. That won’t work in the NFL.

8:04 CST End of first quarter. 7-7. Good game.

8:09 CST Good flow for the Irish right now and excellent play calling from Brian Kelley. Mixing it up.

8:11 CST There’s that floater from Golson and inevitable interception by FSU.

8:12 CST Winston picked! These guys. Both quarterbacks are telegraphing their passes and flicking them up there.

8:15 CST: Wow. Touchdown Irish. Nice catch in the corner of the end zone by #88. Good vision from Golson.

8:20 CST Is this when Winston panics? How often have we seen him down by two touchdowns? It could happen now.

8:25 CST Oh, man. Golson was so close and that 3rd down run. Boom. Stopped and the 4th down toss. Yikes. Let Golson do his thing.

8:31 CST 0 rushing yards for Florida State so far.

8:33 CST Excellent pro-style completion to the sideline for Winston. Zipped it good too. I like to see that.

8:39 CST Let’s go! I’ve been waiting for this 3rd and 9 play for six minutes!

8:41 CST Laptop struggles right now. I’ll get back on those Tweets in the second half. Winston couldn’t close the deal so FSU field goad instead. 14-10 Irish.

8:45 CST Thata boy, Golson. Slick pass on 3rd and short. Huge for Golson heading into halftime.

8:48 CST Golson seems to be figuring out the FSY defense. Much more aware and confident.

8:51 CST Relentless FSU attack on 3rd and 2. Huge stop. Field goad for Irish. 17-10. I believe FSU receives to begin second half and they have 39 seconds to get something done here.

8:55 CST Halftime. 17-10 Irish. Hookin’ myself up with a ‘za and cold brew.

9:17 CST Second half begins! AND…the laptop is working beautifully. Palms to the sky.

9:19 CST Winston is National Champion and the reigning Heisman winner. This is a Heisman moment.  So far, so good. Impressive drive to begin second half.

9:22 CST Winston’s throwing better, but still quite a collegiate release.

9:23 CST Tie game, folks. Winston comes up big.

9:28 CST Excellent prime time football tonight.

9:32 CST 83 yards in three minutes for the Irish. Whew. Golson ain’t backing down. The mechanics are working. Excellent blocking. Confident passing. In the first half, Golson was lofting up passed and hoping for the best. Now, he’s playing to win. Winston as well.

9:36 CST Golson to the locker room. We may see Malik Zaire, who has zero passing yards this season. WHA. WHa. Whaaaa.

9:39 CST Winston 10-10 this half so far. Herbstreit is right. That last pass was his best yet.

9:41 CST You don’t see Winston trash talking much, huh? I haven’t seen him play that much, and now is definitely the time to be humble, but he definitely seems locked in. It’s strange that he’s so clueless off the field.

9:46 CST FSU scores as again as Golson comes running out of the locker room. What a game! 24-24! FSU showing some confidence in their running game.

9:51 CST The Admiral! Ah, his son is Corey Robinson, who scored two touchdowns in the first half.

9:55 CST Rough series for FSU. Notre Dame with excellent field position already. Let’s see if Golson can handle those cramps.

9:59 CST Tied at 24 after three quarters.

10:04 CST Didn’t realize how wet that field must be. I’d love to see Golson pull this one out. He’s stepping up big.

10:07 CST NOICE! FSU sacks Golson, but the Irish take the lead with a field goal. I’m expecting Winston to come out firing and firing back down the sidelines. 5-6 plays and a touchdown to take the lead.

10:14 CST Winston’s getting better as time passes. On point.

10:17 CST Seminoles take their first lead. Another RUSHING touchdown. 31-27. Damn, what a game.


10:27 CST I spoke too soon. 3rd and 8 from, what, the 45? Big play. BIG PLAY!

10:28 CST What the F would Golson just throw it up like this. C’mon, man! That could have been an easy pick. The Irish are down 4. Wow.

10:35 CST Holy shit, Notre Dame and Golson will have a chance to win this. And they’ll have plenty of time to get down the field. Horrific series for FSU. Three and out.

10:37 CST C’mon, Irish. Almost another pick and a short pass? Throw the ball! 8 yards. 5 yards. Push the ball upfield. Unbelievable – FSU just sacked Golson. 4th and 18.

10:39 CST David Robinson’s son, Cory, for the first down!!! What?!?!

10:43 CST #GolsonTime

10:44 CST Ooof. That hit.

10:46 CST Inside the 5. CLASSIC!

10:47 CST Wide open for the TOUCHDOWN! But Pass Interference. WHAT?!

10:48 CST It took “guts” to call that penalty, Herbstreit? That’s the ref’s job!

10:49 CST Golson doesn’t even keep the balls inbounds and Florida State will lose 27-31.


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