Live Listen: Kiesza “Losin’ My Mind”

It’s new music Tuesday and I’m checking out the latest tracks on Spotify’s “New Music Tuesday” playlist. I’ve heard a little Jessie J and followed up that with some country from Little Big Town, but now it’s time for Kiesza. No, I have no idea who or what Kiesza is, but my first guess would be a Brooklyn indie band. Here we go.

  • Whoa! Strong female accapella…oh yeah, and she’s got that clap going on too. That sounded bad.
  • “Losin’ my mind, yayee, yayee”
  • It’s for the children!
  • Testify, girl.
  • Feeling this vibe.
  • Now I’m singing along. “You got me losin’ my mind (uh huh, uh huh).”
  • I just imagined Carlton Banks grooving to this.
  • Halfway through – simple yet effective.
  • Oh, shit. Somebody’s dropping’ a verse!
  • Lamar Odom reference! Is he still in the NBA?
  • Feeling the flow.
  • Well, that was slick (*adds to Spotify favorites*).
  • That’s it folks, three minutes and 51 seconds of swaying to the left and the right. Not quite material for my 5.5 sprint playlist at the gym, but I can hook Kiesza up on the slow jog swing.
  • Just googled Kiesza. What?!
  • Mick Jenkins is the man droppin’ 16 bars.

Kiesza. KIESZA! Now I know…now I know. I need some more Kiesza.



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